Amherstburg Kids Club

Every other Wednesday / 6:30-8:00pm / Infant-Grade 5
We would love to invite your child to attend our Amherstburg Kid's Club program. We consider it a privilege to provide opportunities for your child’s physical, mental and spiritual growth. We want our AKC Kids to realize that God loves them and that through His Son, Jesus, He provided salvation and the ability to have a relationship with Him. 
On Wednesday Nights, AKC meet for an hour to learn God's word and have a fun time in fellowship. Our night consists of dancing time aka worship time, lessons, games, and crafts. Children can earn coins throughout the night by participating in that week's theme or activities, that will then be able to be spent at our "Kids Club Store" to be cashed into prizes 
Our AKC program is run by ACC's Children's Ministries Pastor Kerrington Maedel and her team of Outreach Leaders. All of our leaders have gone through a screening process and training courses. 
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