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Our Values

We exist in Amherstburg to be a life-giving, Bible-believing church to the community we live among. Our identity is unique to our style of worship, passion, people and calling. Below are the beliefs that shape and define who we are as followers of Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ 

We value our relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is our reason for living and our purpose in everything we do. This means that we are devoted to expressing the greatness of God in our lives every day.


We value being relevant. This means that we recognize the need to use unique methods to link a variety of people to God in a way that's relatable. 


We value doing our best. This means that we will be dedicated to inspiring one another to honor God with excellence. 

Holy Bible 

We value the teachings of the Bible and believe that they are the way to significant life change. This means that we desire continuous spiritual growth through the careful studying and teaching of God's Word. 

Holy Spirit 

We value the leadership of the Holy Spirit. This means that we will be careful to listen and respond to the voice of God. 


We value relationships. We recognize that God cares for people through people. This means that we strive to develop a community in which there is a sense of belonging and where each individual feels valued and cared for. 


We value prayer. We recognize the example set for us by Jesus Christ. This means keeping open lines of communication with God through which He brings about eternal change. 


We value servant leadership. We recognize that our spiritual gifts have maximum impact when they are used regularly and with humility. This means that we will act in meaningful ways consistent with our gifts and calling, caring for one another. 




Amherstburg Community Church has an exciting, positive past; a great foundation laid first by our Lord and secondly by brothers and sisters in the Lord who built, not on mans' wisdom but on Faith in Christ and the Power of God.


On January 30th, 1944 in the I.O.O.F. Hall on Richmond Street in Amherstburg, the first meeting, an outreach of Bethel Pentecostal Church in Windsor took place and the work began. (Bethel later became University Gospel Temple which is now Parkwood Gospel Church) Rev John Cleeves was the first pastor and in 1945 they built the "basement church" on Rankin Avenue. They burned that 1st mortgage on October 22, 1950. The basement church was known as Amherstburg Pentecostal Church and was not completed until 1969/70 under Pastor John Howson. The building was dedicated in 1970 and named Trinity Pentecostal Church. In 1981 the second mortgage burning took place. 


In 1987, under the leadership of Rev James Dunlop, Trinity Pentecostal Church was sold to the Lutheran Church and our congregation moved into the Amherstburg Community Centre where we held services while we built a new church here on Alma Street. In October 1989 we dedicated this new church, with a new name: Amherstburg Community Church.


In 1991 Ken & Doreen Mervyn, arrived and would pastor the congregation for the next 15 years. Under Rev. Mervyn's leadership, a season of significant revival took place with many people re-engaging their walk of faith with Jesus. In 2006 Chris Walker stepped up from assisting Ken Mervyn to take over the lead pastor role. Chris' gifting as a teacher was appreciated by many. Barry Antle began pastoring in 2009 bringing his creative gifts to ACC.


John Bustard arrived in October 2013 to take on the lead pastor's responsibility. After He retired at the end of 2019, Brandon Cousineau became our lead pastor. Our present desire is to become known in Amherstburg as a church that is passionate about leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.